Q4 2018

International Network on Quality Infrastructure (INetQI)

The network recently agreed on the definition of quality infrastructure system as-

“The system comprising the organizations (public and private) together with the policies, relevant legal and regulatory framework, and practices needed to support and enhance the quality, safety and environmental soundness of goods,services and processes”.

The new definition expands the scope of quality infrastructure and is expected to create additional benefits for stakeholders including its use as a foundation for sustainable development.

Quality infrastructure is required for the effective operation of domestic markets, and its international recognition is important to facilitate access to foreign markets. Past estimates by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) demonstrate that standards and related conformity assessment have an impact on 80% of the world’s trade in commodities. Furthermore, quality infrastructure is a key enabler for realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)  

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Q3 2018

Topical issue - Accreditation.

We are experiencing more-and-more of our clients, both existing & new, that are not aware of the dynamic between accreditation and certification; this is ultimately creating a weakness in providing assurance throughout supply chains.


What to do;

Check your own ‘certification body’ uses the relevant ISO 17021 standard, and if in the UK, is registered with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service; if outside if the UK, check they are a member of the International Accreditation Forum. This also applies to your supply chain; if you are using certification for assurance, ensure the person checking understands this concept.


See definitions below:

  • Certification – the provision by an independent body of written assurance (a certificate) that the product, service or system in question meets specific requirements.

  • Accreditation – the formal recognition by an independent body, generally known as an accreditation body, that a certification body operates according to international standards.

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