All our engagements and assignments are delivered against the pillars of GPR PS, being:

1) Quality - tailored solutions that are fit for purpose.

2) Subject matter expert - knowledge and experience.

3) Reliability - a go-to person & trusted advisor.

Engaging with an independent subject matter expert can add value and create impartiality. Ad-hoc support is also available; having provision for this in anticipation of a changing business environment and or client request can save precious time, creating an improved perception of your organisation’s capabilities.

Key offerings at a glance.

Roadmaps for achieving 3rd party certification.

Typically, our roadmaps to achieve certification are designed in four phases around the following activities and outcomes:

  • Scoping & mobilisation.

  • Awareness & knowledge transfer.

  • Workshops & implementation.

  • 3rd party assessment & certification.

At this stage, to keep things simple, we can illustrate the above in a concise one-page document; contact us for an edible copy to start building your business case.

Support packages.

These are scalable, designed to reflect the market sector/industry in which you operate and be relevant to the dynamic of your business. Usually, we are engaged to provide support with the following:

  • Change control.

  • Change management.

  • Management review.

  • 1st party audit (internal)

  • 2nd party audit (supply chain)

  • Assistance with hosting 3rd party audit.

Tailored solutions.

Access to a network of like-minded professionals and resources to support all your endeavours…

  • CQI and IRCA certified training.

  • Maturity assessment and organisational resilience.

  • Policy review.

  • Corporate responsibility - supply chain.

  • Statutory & regulatory/compliance obligations.

  • Business Development and marketing.

  • Business improvement & change/transformation.


Contact us for more details on our offerings. 


Our data protection Policies have been temporarily taken down whilst under review; however, remain applicable and available upon request.