First and foremost, here at ‘GPR PS’ we are passionate about business improvement & change and, have high expectations of ourselves when it comes to meeting our client’s needs & expectations.

All our engagements and assignments are delivered against the pillars of GPR PS, being:

Key offerings at a glance


Projects - Guiding you through your implementation

Our approach

Initial contact with us will always be with our Principal Consultant to ensure we understand your requirements and allocate the best fit skill set from our flexible pool of resources. We only work with like-minded and credible associates, ensuring we practise what we preach, in terms of due diligence.

Gap analysis

One of the first deliverables from our roadmap is a gap analysis; the quality of this exercise is crucial in understanding the skills and knowledge needed along with resource and capability planning. There are many questions to be asked in preparation for this exercise such as, how familiar you are with the standards in question. Also, how the organisation currently provides products and service that consistently meets customer and applicable statutory & regulator requirements along with how customer satisfaction is currently being measured.

For more information see "What is a gap analysis in context of conformity assessment " under our FQA's. 

Project & change management

As well as our subject matter expertise, we believe project management is one of our strengths that differentiates us from our competitors. Any size implementation is reliant on good project management and we have developed, simple but powerful, project reporting tools.

Retained services

Using our retained services can add value, in part, by providing an improved perception of your organisation; our services are fully scalable and able to respond easily to changing demands. Impartially is another benefit, especially in an audit environment.


Roadmaps for achieving 3rd party certification.

Typically, our roadmaps to achieve certification are designed in four phases around the following activities and outcomes:

  • Scoping & mobilisation.

  • Awareness & knowledge transfer.

  • Workshops & implementation.

  • 3rd party assessment & certification.


At this stage, to keep things simple, we can illustrate the above in a concise one-page document; contact us for an edible copy to start building your business case.

Support packages.

These are scalable and designed to reflect the dynamic of your business along with the market sector/industry in which you operate. Below are just some of the activities we provide support with:

  • Change control & management.

  • 1st party audit (internal)

  • 2nd party audit (supply chain)

  • Assistance with hosting 3rd party audit.

  • Management review.


Helping companies achieve certification to ISO 9001 Quality management systems requirements.

Tailored solutions and training

Access to a network of like-minded professionals and resources to support all your endeavours…

  • Maturity assessment and organisational resilience reviews.

  • Policy health checks & review.

  • Development of corporate responsibility & sustainability

  • Legal registers & evaluation of compliance.

  • Business Development and marketing support

  • Project management for business improvement & change/transformation initiatives

  • CQI and IRCA certified training courses.

  • Mandatory and essential accredited training for compliance & CPD.


Please refer to our dedicated training page.