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Business Continuity for certification such as ISO 9001 - Global Pandemic 2020.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Having now spoken to all our client base, to reiterate, our message is simple and straightforward. As an outward-looking & client facing business, we are here to support you as normal and assist in any way we can through these uncertain times; this is also extended beyond my network to anyone else looking for assistance with their quality & audit endeavours.

We can be contacted for advice to include:

  • Stakeholder relations.

  • Management system administration.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audit.

  • Hosting remote of audits.

  • Projects & change management.

If you have a particular circumstance, perhaps having too furlough staff, speak with us and we can review this on a case by case basis with you.

Answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to audit activity/commitments can be found below:

Q: Can I reschedule or cancel my internal (first party) audits?

A: Yes, in part, the extent of your audit programme should have been established with specific objectives and also in consideration of risks & opportunities to the auditee, therefore can be rescheduled or cancelled within reason. If these contribute too meeting statutory & regulatory requirements, any changes should be reviewed in dialog and with input from all the relevant stakeholders including the supply chain.

Q: Can I defer my planned external (third party) audits?

A: Yes, in the first instance most accredited certification bodies (CB) have offered to conduct any forthcoming audits remotely (see below) on the planned date, then decisions to defer are being made on a case by case basis in accordance with guidance from the government on movement. Agreement with changes too specific T&C’s e.g. short notice cancellations are agreed at this time, in most cases being waived.

Q: Can I host my external audit remotely?

A: Yes, some schemes already had rules in that a percentage of the durations, scoped at your last recertification/strategic review, can be done remotely within each certification cycle. Typically, these rules have been relaxed following the introduction of a ‘risk assessment’ which is performed by the CB to ascertain feasibility.

Note: ISO International Standards and national law.

ISO International Standards and other normative ISO deliverables (TS, PAS, IWA) are voluntary. They do not include contractual, legal or statutory requirements. Voluntary standards do not replace national laws, with which standards users are understood to comply and which take precedence.

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