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What's happening with one of the most popular ISO standards this year?

Updated: Feb 13

ISO release survey results each year on the uptake of certification; 9001, 14001, and 45001 remain high, however, the uptake of 27001 continues to be significant and is expected to continue this year and beyond.

If you are already certificated to 27001, there will be a transition period that needs to be monitored via your management review process.

27002, which elaborates on Annex A of 27001 is changing; those who are already certified to 27001 will need to address the revision; currently this standard contains 14 security control clauses collectively containing a total of 35 main security categories and 114 controls. This is changing to four clauses containing 93 controls with the ability to create your own attributes for the purpose of creating different views.

In summary, some controls have been merged, some deleted and several new controls have been introduced.

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